You Can Go The Distance – Marathon Training, Running, Racing, and Motivation

That is really all I need to say.  You Can Go The Distance, a Marathon Training Guide, by Bruce Van Horn is an excellent resource for anyone desiring to run their first marathon, their second or number 12 like me.  Even if your goals are to run a half marathon or to just learn more about running this book is for you.

While spinning up to run my first marathon I read thou a number of training manuals, wore out copies of Runners World, and downloaded running plans off the internet.  Truth be told, I spent way more than the entry fee to my first marathon paying for all the materials I purchased to learn how to run the marathon distance.  And some of that money was wasted.  I did not understand everything I was reading.  Most of the information was aimed at the Boston Qualifying crowd.  I was left with more unanswered questions.

NOT Bruce’s book.  And that’s what I like and enjoyed about “You can Go The Distance” it was written by an average runner for us work-a-day runners.  Now I’m not saying Bruce is average in skill or ability, but he does not train full time, he has a day job like you and I and he needs to fit his running goals along side his real life responsibilities.  This book is written in a way that makes it easy for rookies and seasoned marathoners a like to follow.

Whether you’re thinking about your first marathon or your 100th…there is something between the pages to help, train, motivate and educate everyone.  And they make great gifts.  I gave one copy to a young runner in our local running club who was considering running a marathon.  At our next monthly meeting she told me how excited she was to train for her first marathon.  She Can Go The Distance and so can you.

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