Winter Running – Helpful Hints

Have I mentioned I hate “Falling Back” during Day Light Saving Time.

To me “Falling Back” means the days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping.

cold temps

During this time of year, the most difficult part of our run maybe getting out the front door. We’re losing daylight and the warmth of the sun at the same time.

To combat the effects of losing daylight it’s important to have some type of lighting equipment handy. Whether it be an old fashion hand held flash light or a high-tech head mounted LED lighting rig. If you can’t see where you’re going…you’re going to get hurt. To keep safe during night time running, I’ve tried many forms of lighting equipment. What I have found works best is something very bright and easy to hold on to.

To see where you’re going…The lumen is a measure of the total “amount” of visible light emitted by a source. I selected a light source with the highest lumen rating that was easy and light enough to hold in my hand. For years I ran with a small hand held flash light. This worked great as it allowed me to direct the light beam in the direction I wanted. This versatility made it convenient to see around me and also serve as a headlight/taillight depending on where the oncoming traffic was approaching from. Two years ago I found a small hand held with an ultra-bright 145 lumens worth of light. Recently I have been using Knuckle Lights which work great and are very bright. You can read my review on this product here.


To defend against old man winter and the declining temperatures which surly will accompany you need to dress warm. Dressing warm depends on having the right gear available and knowing how to use it, cause face it, if I get cold….the training run is going to get shorter. To ensure I get out on the coldest of days, and to make sure I put in the required miles, I have put together a nice selection of winter running clothing and accessories.


To keep warm it’s important to keep your core temperature stable but maybe more important are your hands and for me, my ears. I hate cold hands and it’s what temps me to stay inside on those really cold days. How do I combat that? I ensure my winter running kit has a number of warm gloves/mitten available. If the temperature is on the cold side I don a pair of gloves. If it is really cold, two pairs…down right artic then I’ll slip on a pair of mitten over my gloves. My ears are another part of my anatomy that must be kept warm or I’ll find myself on the inside looking out.  What works great for keeping me warm upstairs, a buff for the neck, headband with earmuffs and a nice fleece cap, again layering as needed. Other accessories to keep old man winter a bay: fleece top, arm warmers, long pants, leggings and good quality socks.


No matter the distance or speed everybody needs to keep warm during your winter running routine. So remember, as the temperature drops, your miles don’t have to.

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