Why I Run – Because It Is There

As a runner we have all heard the lines…

“If you see me running, it’s because someone is chasing me…”

“I stopped running when I stopped stealing.”

and the infamous question, “Why DO you run?”

The answer to that question is different for everyone, I can only tell you, for me it’s because the open road is there. Recently on a visit to Minnesota my wonderful sister-in-law Nancy took me on a ride to scout out a running route. Nancy was going to take me into a little town called Grey Eagle where I would get out and start my run.

Grey Eagle run(The start of my run in Grey Eagle, MN)

Along the drive to town she identified landmarks to help me get back to her cabin on the lake and the 2 mile route I would run to get in my six miles for the day. At one intersection she told me I should take a right hand turn. The reason she explained was because “the road straight at this intersection is very hilly.”

Say what….the challenge was on!

because it is there
That little baby might not be Leadville’s Hopepass…but it was a fun. According to my GPS this little climb was over half a mile long. It was a perfect day, a great run and I’m glad I took the route less traveled more hilly.


When you see a hilly road/trail to do see a route to avoid or a challenge?


5 thoughts on “Why I Run – Because It Is There

  1. Shalama Jackson

    It depends. I prefer to run a more flat route but sometimes they make for a challenge and a little fun at the same time. This summer I chose a hilly route because it had a little bit of shade versus the flat treeless/shadeless route.

  2. Neil

    Definitely like the shade in the summer if possible. Hills in training pay off on race day, so I try to work them in. Better views from the top anyway 🙂


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