Week In Review (Jan 20 – 26)

Last Week In Review: ( Jan 20 – 26)

Monday: 10.2
Tuesday: 7.2
Wednesday: 7
Thursday: 7
Friday: 7.2
Saturday: 16 #MEGSMILES
Sunday: 0 REST DAY

Total:  54.40 mile


Another cold snap hit the 757, Monday I ran in shorts by Tuesday night I was donning my arctic gear.  So ready for summer…

Cooler weather moved in around noon on Tuesday, the predicated snow and ice held off until late night.  This delay allowed me to get my miles in without the winter mix.  Being below the Mason-Dixon Line, this area does not function well with the white stuff. Wednesday morning we had 3 – 4 inches on the ground and all Gov’t offices, schools and other soft business were closed.  We fired up the Dually and headed off to work….I’m from Erie, Pa and spent a year in Thule Greenland.  I laugh at Virginia snow!

Wednesday night I ran around Fort Lee, Michele worked out inside, the roads had some snow and ice to dodge.  Where the roads where to slick, I ran on the snow covered sidewalks which offered better traction.  Best news I did not fall down.

Thursday/Fridat night I ran around our HOA dodging a few ice spots on the roads, had to slow down in the cul-d-sacs, but manged 7 miles under an hour both nights.

Saturday morning (18f felt like 6f), I ran with a local running group in Suffolk.  Good group of people and a nice route over some lonely country roads.  Alot of fun, BUT boy was it cold and I think we ran into the wind on every road.  Still 16 miles in 2hr 33m for a not to bad of a pace 9:35.


I dedicate these miles to Meg, #megsmiles  Crazy thing, after finishing and gearing down, I removed my outer layer and found ice inside my jacket.  My sweat froze…..ugh!

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