Ultra Tips and Tricks

One thing about the Ultra Community is they are always willing to share some insight or lessons learned.  Here are a few tricks I’ve learned along the way.

  1.  Body Glide works as well on the bottom of your feet to fight off blisters as it does to help prevent chaffing.
  2.  KT Tape functions as a bandage, in a pinch, to help cover your nipples.
  3.  You can’t beat good socks.  My wife was having blister issues between her toes, Toe Socks ended that issue.toesocks
  4.   If you’re running the trails, you need Gaiters.
  5.  Caffeine is your friends on the long legs, work some into your pit stop routine.
  6.  Have a plan and run your plan…don’t worry if you get passed and don’t be too happy if you pass someone, it’s a long day.
  7.  Beware of the chairs, and keep moving forward, unless medical tells you to stop…DON’T STOP.
  8. Avoid all negative self-talk.
  9. Bribe yourself to get in those last LONG miles, the power of a cup cake, Oreos or deep dish pizza can be all it takes to get you across the finish line.
  10. Shoes half a size bigger after 50 miles just might help you deal with swollen feet.
  11. If you have a hard time handling GUs, PowrGels etc, try dissolving them in your water, then with every hit from your water bottle you get some nutrition along the way FYI Lemon Gatoraid and strawberry GU tastes great. 

What have you learned that helps you finish a tough marathon or Ultra race?

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