Ultra Running Product Review – AFX Toe Sock for Running, Walking, Racing, Training and Living

Some days are just better than others.

New sheets on the bed day.  Birthday cards in the mail box day.  AND new socks day!

Running a ton of miles over the years has afforded me some great opportunities.  Recently I was provided a selection of socks from AFX Socks to test drive.  With all of the beating my feet have taken over the last few months, Umstead 100 miler, 24 Hour Run and Graveyard 100k, my feet where looking forward to this product review.

From their web site:  AFX Socks provide a provide odor-fighting antimicrobial protection in a seamless five-toe design. Permara delivers long-lasting and renewable antimicrobial protection, eliminating up to 99.99% of bacteria and fungi to help keep the socks odor-free.

Now I’m not a five finger, toe shoe running guy.  I run in traditional Nike Air Pegasus and Hoka  Stinsons.  Yet I found these socks comfortable and well fitting.  At first I was a bit concerned because they are touch thinner than my “other” socks.  I had reservations that they may allow my foot to slip in my shoes.  They did not.  The thinner design actually provides some room in the toe box.  This extra room was a welcome benefit during long runs when my feet tend to swell.

I knew the AFX toe socks were a hit when my wife, swiped a pair for one of her long walks.  Now I have to tell you my wife is a fast walker.  She can walk mile after mile at 12:30 to 13:00 per mile pace and walks 8+ miles routinely during her long walks.  She had been having blister issue between her toes.  After her test drive she reported the AFX toe socks took care of that.  Her blister issues are gone.  She liked their no show design so much she wears to work with her girlie shoes.  The drawback is now I have to go find “my socks” when I want to wear them.

 toesocks  toesocks1

If you’re looking for some new socks or are having blister issues, My wife and I highly recommend picking up some AFX Socks and giving them a test drive.

Check them out online:
Visit their website: AFX Socks
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Happy Feet make a happy runner…

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