Ultra – Marathon Training, Last Week In Review: (Feb 3 – 9)

Last Week In Review: (Feb 3 – 9)

Monday: 10.2
Tuesday: 8
Wednesday: 7.8
Thursday: 7.8
Friday: 7 – Happy Birthday Alaina Michele – My Granddaughter
Saturday: 21 #MEGSMILES
Sunday: 0 REST DAY

Total:  61.8 miles – YTD Total: 302 miles on 29 Running Days

Alaina Michele(My daughter Jessica, with Alaina Michele)

Solid training week and feeling pretty good about the big races coming up, Graveyard 100k and Umstead 100 Miler

Monday/Tueday: Routine night time runs around our housing areas.  Wednesday/Thursday I ran on Fort Lee in the day light, had some nice temps on Weds allowing me to go out in shorts!  Thursday it was back to cold weather gear, 33f but is that really “cold” compared to the rest of the country?

Friday was routine housing area run.  But the Best News was the birth of my Granddaughter Alaina Michele, my second Grandchild.


Saturday, 21 mile long run with George N.  We ran the same loops of Noland trail that I ran for my 50 mile training run, 5 miles of trails and 5 miles of road. Cool morning, the trail was in good shape took it nice and slow.  And guess who wiped out, first time I’ve fallen in years.  Took my eyes off the trail to look at my GPS for just a second, and caught a root, next thing I knew I was sailing through the air and rolling on the ground. No damage done, this was mile 8 or 9 so we kept on motoring along. #megsmile

The week ahead is going to be a rest week, while chatting with George he commented that I have not had a down week since Oct.  He highly recommended that I take a rest week.  I’m going to hate entering a goose egg in my running log, but the weather forecast is for a cold week, so I guess it’s good timing!

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