Top 6 Exercise Excuses – How I Beat Them, Ultra Marathon Secrets To Training

Top 6 Exercise Excuses:


Exercise Excuse No. 1: ‘I Don’t Have Time.’

I’m with you on this one, between work and a commute, my day is short about 13 hours everyday.  The only way I can “make time” to get my run in is to do it right after I get home.  When the car hits the drive way I make a bee line for my front door, jump into my work out gear and get back out the same door as fast as I can.  If I pause for one second, the odds are great I’ll miss my workout.  By getting right to it, I make the time.  The nights I can’t get to it after work, I use the same routine and do my run right after whatever it is that prolonged my work day.


Exercise Excuse No. 2: ‘I’m Too Tired.’

I could “Double down” here, and I get a lot of people telling me I look tired.  But honestly my energy level is the best it has ever been.  I might be tired during the day, but I don’t struggle to go up stairs, walk a few miles while on vacation or engage in any activity we chose.  It may take a little time to feel the effects but once you get moving…you’ll feel better that you did.

Family fitness

Exercise Excuse No. 3: ‘I Don’t Get a Break From the Kids.’

I don’t have to fight this one anymore, my kids are grown. And I don’t take it lightly, I understand dealing with child care issues can be tough. But I would encourage someone to team up with a friend.  I’m sure there is someone in your circle of friends dealing with the same desire to workout and needs daycare.  Maybe you can do a kid swap? If that does not work, join the Y or just get the kids moving with you.


Exercise Excuse No. 4: ‘Exercise Is Boring.’

It can be if you allow it, set goals to keep you aimed at your true motivation. Sign up for a race, or an adventure.  Banging away empty miles can get boring, but what if they are getting you closer to hiking your favorite trail or running the Grand Canyon.  And there’s always bikini season.


Exercise Excuse No. 5: ‘I Just Don’t Like to Move.’

An old friend says to me everyday when I ask him how he’s doing, “I woke up on this side of the dirt.”  If you don’t like to move, think about the alternative?  “Stillness is what kills us.”

run in circles

Exercise Excuse No. 6: ‘I’ve Tried Before.’

We all fail, it’s life.  Before I ever attempted an Ultra marathon, I burned out at a local 5k race and gave up, that was 15+ years ago.  When I think of all I would have missed, I’m so glad I gave it another try.  And you can too. Today is a new day, let’s get moving!

Above are my ideas on how to beat the six most popular exercise excuses, but I’m not a professional, not a doctor and not a coach, although I do stay at Holiday Inns, you should really read more about this topic and get the professionals take on these six excuses here,

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