Tobacco Road Marathon – Running My 16th Marathon

The Tobacco Road Marathon would be my 16th marathon quickly becoming one of my favorites, and one I will run again.

10321080_983339838416228_7490669052342066804_o(Giving back to the community)

Packet Pick Up.  Simple and to the point…at some of the big city marathons the race expo up-stages the race.  I’ve logged nearly as many miles trying to get thu one big city marathon as I did running the race and left feeling beat up.  NOT with Tobacco Road I left this expo with my needed items and ready for the following race day.  The expo features plenty of vendors to meet your needs but not so many as to overwhelm you.

tobacco road expo(I had plans to ring this bell…)

Race Day Parking:  I dropped the ball here for a nominal fee I could have purchased an on site parking pass, but someone I forgot too.  Even with that snafu, the organizer had easy to access and safe “runner drop off zones” where us runners could be dropped off near race start.  There was also shuttle service from off site parking.

10152033_983240515092827_6366091155667292216_n(This line up looked wonderful on morning racer)

Starting Line and Runners Village:  The most important thing on race morning is the potta-pottie line.  This was the first race where I thought, “hey, they have enough johns for the crowd.”  Yes there were lines but they moved fast, I set a new PR in my line with less than a 10 minute wait.  Even made a few new friends….  Try that at NYC, MCM, or Chicago!


The starting line was one of the best looking of the 15 marathons I have run, a large USA flag was the backdrop and it sent chills up my spine during the singing of the national anthem.

Race Support: Awesome….  I could use a bunch of flowery words but it is simple enough to say that at each aide station everyone’s mission was to get the runners what they needed and back out on the course.  THANK YOU for all the support.

1917540_983781461705399_5010220224490467433_n(We love our pacers…)

Pacers:  I’ve run with pacers before…and a few have let me down. I’ve seen it all at other races, from going out to fast to one pair simply giving up their role mid race.  But the 4 hour pacers were Rock Stars….keeping the pack behind them right on target. Unfortunately I fell off the back at mile 18/19 when the effects of a sinus infection, the day before race day, caught up with me.  BUT my hats off the Mario and Lugi!  I heard nothing but good words from all pace groups.

AND yes…this course is a PR marker….flat and fast!

pr bell(I’ll ring that bell….next year)

And the bling…one picture says it all

9579_1188130221198132_5921408321690242568_n(Someone claimed my race medal as her own….)

The experience as a whole… notch!  I did not get the race day results I wanted but that had nothing to do with the race.  I will be back next year and hope to ring the PR bell at the finish. My full race report will be posted soon.

Thank you, Tobacco Road for a great race.



3 thoughts on “Tobacco Road Marathon – Running My 16th Marathon

  1. John Flynn

    Awesome! Tobacco Road is my favorite marathon of all time. It is an incredible course and really fun experience. Glad you had fun, even if you didn’t get the finish time you were looking for. We’re about the journey, enjoy the ride!


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