To Run

What does it take to run?


To run, YOU must overcome the self-doubt, the little voice in your head telling you, “you can’t do this.”   To run, YOU must have the desire to climb out of your own often self-imposed rut. To run, YOU must have the fuel inside your belly to push yourself to move forward when the world, your family and even your inner soul may be telling to stop, to not start, to just stay the same.  To run, YOU must be brave enough to step outside, in the bare elements, in front of the world alone, to take that first step.  To run, YOU have to have the drive to continue when your body rebels, when your lungs scream out and when your mind wants the easy way.  To run, YOU must continue to move when time wants to stand still, when the road becomes lonely and when other distractions beg you to give in.

If you have what it takes to run:  YOU will find a new, stronger, determined, focused, healthier, and more faithful YOU.  A YOU that has no limits, a YOU that has confidence, a YOU that can do the impossible, and a YOU, that you may have never known before.

What does it take to run?  It’s simple.  YOU.

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