Throwback Thursday – 10k Racing

I wish I had some “old” pictures from early my running career, I ran track in high school and ran my first 10k in 1988, unfortunately I have no photos from this time.  The oldest running/race photo is from 2001.  I got back into running in 2000, while on a United States Air Force remote tour to Thule Air Base, Greenland.  I trained from Aug 2000, thou the end of my tour in 2001.  During my mid-tour visit home Michele and I went to Vegas where I ran in my third career race ever.  I was very excited about this race as most of my training had been in the arctic north and indoors.  Throwback Thursday!  How about them shorts…



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      Yea, I ran the 200 and 100…was fast, but not elite. Wonder what I could of done at longer distances and on the cross country team….



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