Throw Back Thursday – Top 3 in a 5K, Running, Racing and Life

My first top three in a 5k, okay my only top three…

base5k3rdplace(Me 3rd, Garth 1st and Atticus 2nd)


2005, Wingman 5k, RAF Mildenhall, England:  This is the only race that I’ve been able to crack the top three.  If I remember right about 20 other runners ran this event.  The three of us in this picture were the oldest runners in the race.  We were also from the same unit, 352 Special Operations Group and good friends.  Garth an established Ultra-Runner won the event by a long margin.  Atticus came in second, he is an annual Boston Qualifier.  To bring home a medal I had to hold off a young 2Lt also from my unit to capture 3rd.  It was memorable race for me.  At the start alot of younger folks blew by me, but they could not keep it up.  Within the first mile I reeled them in and passed a lot of younger runners that went out to fast.  Closing in on the last half mile the Lt was coming hard but he did not have enough in the tank to make up much ground once I could hear him.  For an older guy it was fun to take home 3rd.



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