Three Miles Short – Who Cares? Zip Lining, Fishing and Camping


August is over and I missed my 200 mile running goal by three lousy miles…

I’m so upset….I hate that I missed my goal……..NO I’m Not!

I wanted to hit 200 miles this month…That goal makes me feel like a real Ultra Runner.  I had two days to log a lousy three miles.  So Why did I miss it?

I have three very good reason.

#3 Zip Lining – My wife planned an adventure filled get away over Labor Day weekend. We went zip lining in the Shenandoah Forest.  It was awesome!  I decided not to run to spend the “full” day with Michele without distractions.  It was worth it!

 michelezipping  zipline man
 Michele Zipping  I am zipline man

#2 Fishing – Little did we know when this trip was booked that we would have a fishing boat and take to the river hauling in a ton of good eating fish!  We caught, bluegill, bass, and a bunch of small ones we threw back.  To say these were good size keepers…..they were good size for Minnesota keepers!

fishingandtrain(A few trains went rolling on bye….better then a random fish picture)

#1 Camping and Family Time (w/my wife and puppies) – In our rat race world, and trying to log the miles I need, getting quality time to just hang out is a rare occasion. I needed three miles but I decided to take a little break from running to gain a few bonus hours with these guys!

 carlyemmylu  micheleandcarly
 Carly and Emmy Lu  Michele and Carly

Was it worth it?


Emmy Lu thinks so!  And I agree…..back to it on Tuesday!

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