Thinking of Leadville

Running to Leadville…the 100 mile trail race is my dream race, and the topic of my first novel.  A story about a young man who lived a hard life full of rejection, judgement and the absent of that special person in his life.  Unexpectedly he finds love, acceptance, and his passion for running and writing.  In a twist of fate when life seemed nearly perfect, he loses nearly everything.

Running to Leadville is more than a running book, it is a tale about the small mining town of Leadville, Colorado, the 100 mile trail race in the extreme Rockies and it is a story about life.

Since you have an interest in my book and Leadville, I’m offering you a special price on Running to Leadville.  You can purchase a signed copy today for $12.99 with free shipping (US orders only).

Why Leadville?

That just about sums it up…..

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