Things Runners Won’t Talk About – Ultra Marathon, Marathon Running, Racing, and Training

The Marathon and Ultra Running Community are a very supportive group of people.  Most runners are open to sharing their training secrets, and their opinions on shoes, gels and foam rollers.   If you hang around us long enough you’ll hear people talking about near everything including some choice body functions.  But there are something’s runners won’t talk about.

The Things Runners Won’t Talk About.

1.  The places we put Body Glide that even the manufacture never dreamed of.  (If I posted pictures my account would get blocked)

2.  That we secretly like getting blisters so we can post pictures and brag about them.

3.  We feel like Superman when we pull on our tights, but still uncomfortable saying tights.


4.  Monkey Butt, all I need to say about that.

5.   We spend way too much time trimming our toe nails, if we have any.

6.   We say we don’t care what we look like in our race photos, but secretly we do.


7.  The line to the Porta Pottys never move, we known people who have died in line.

8.  If you run a Marathon or an Ultra, your toe nails will never be the same.

9.  Tapering is as much about resting and recovering as it is about feeding our face!

10.  We have spit on ourselves more then once, but never broke our stride.

Do you have any running secrets?  Pls post a comment telling us all about them, we won’t share…

3 thoughts on “Things Runners Won’t Talk About – Ultra Marathon, Marathon Running, Racing, and Training

  1. BryanOdeen

    It’s all true! Yes to all but the Body Glide. I’ve never actually used it, although I have plans to this time around. The only thing I would add is crazy glue, as I have found it to be the best relief for, shall I say, the nippular region.

  2. Hollie

    I think blisters are the most painful running related issue one can have. Blisters and chaffing is the absolute worst. Most runners care about their races photos!

    Also most runners have gone to the bathroom prerace somewhere that is not a restroom.


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