Things Non Running People Have Said To Me About My Running

It’s a strange world we live in.

Once people figure out that I’m a serious long distance runner they normally fall into one of two categories.  #1 Non runners, who are interested and supportive of my efforts, and fellow runners, some with more experienced and others who seek out information or conversations with me about running.  #2 The non runners who either want to convince me that running is bad for me or equally want to persuade me that they could run at the same level that I do (or longer and faster) if they just had the….(choose one) time, motivation, genetics, money, cool shoes, physical gift, and etc, etc, etc.

13119962_10209293162754954_3322676477634451765_o(In the middle of a 24 hour run)

I’ll admit it, if I can do this (run ultra marathons)…anyone can.

I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite non runners quotes about my running.

1.  “You’ll need those knees when you get into your 50s.”  After hearing this unsolicited comment, I simply smiled and continued on my run, FYI I’m 52.

2.  “I could run a marathon, if I wanted to.”  I agree with you, with the right motivation anyone can run a marathon…likewsie, anyone can run an ultra marathon, but isn’t life about motivation?

3.  “Running is bad for your heart, it (running) is going to put you in the grave early.”  That might be true or not. There have been a lot of contradicting studies published lately, but my lazy, ding dong eating, 24 Pepsi a day lifestyle before my running life took off was without a doubt going to kill me at a young age.

finish(Finishing at Umstead, 2014)

4.  A week after my first 100 mile finish I had a family member call me to inform me…“You can’t run a 100 mile race.”  I paused for a moment after they informed of this great piece of information.  After growing bored with the dead silence on the phone line I replied, “thanks, but I just did in 22 hours 51 minutes and 5 seconds.”

5.  Maybe the best one, “God, did not intend for us to run.”  Really……

I’m still amazed at how far I’ve come simply by putting one foot in front of the other. I’m equally amazed every time someone e-mails me about running.  Or when someone seeks me out at a race. Or simply asks me a question or wants my opinion on any running related topic.  Running has brought me a long way.

If you are not a runner, I respect that.  Enjoy whatever it is you do.  I have great respect for those who lift, do cross-fit, swim, bike or do whatever it is that keeps you fit.  If you choose not to be fit, that’s great too, but please don’t try and convince me to join you in that lifestyle…been there done that.

5mileronfortlee(After a run it’s fun to look to the future,
what does it hold for you?)

“We all have a different path in life…I choose to run mine.”

What is the craziest thing a non runner has told you about your running?

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