The Last Two Weeks In Review: (7 – 20 April) – Ultra Marathon, Running, Training, Racing and 100 Mile Recovery

Last Two Weeks In Review: (7 – 20 April)

7 – 13 April
Monday: Rest/Recovery
Tuesday: Rest/Recovery and Doctors Appointment
Wednesday: Rest/Recovery
Thursday: Rest/Recovery
Friday: Rest/Recovery
Saturday: Rest/Recovery
Sunday: Rest/Recovery

14-20 April
Monday: Rest/Recovery
Tuesday: Rest/Recovery
Wednesday: 5.1 miles
Thursday: 0
Friday: Good Friday, 10.2 miles
Saturday: 5.75 miles

Total:   21.05 miles – YTD Total: 663.02 miles on 60 Running Days

Recovery weeks from my #Umstead100miler

Monday – Sunday:  During the 100 mile race I took a rock to the instep of my right foot and knew that was going to effect my recovery.  Upon waking up Monday morning I saw that my foot had swollen to about 150% of its normal size and was very tender to walk on.  Trying to decide what to do about work I figured if I could make it down the stairs I would try to make it to my car and if I could make it to my car I would go to work.  Once at work I had to report to site medical to comply with OSHA regulations about the reporting of pain .  The site medical folks looked at my foot and did not want my actions at work to exaggerate my foot and elected to send me home.  This raised my level of concern upon which I made a doctors appointment for the next morning.

My doctor looked over my foot, checked my range of motion and ordered X-rays.  We departed on instructions that I should take it easy for a while, and that if the results of the x-rays indicated a break, she would be in contact.  I did not hear from her again.  I began an icing routine, icing both of my feet 3 to 4 times a day for 15 minutes.  By the weekend my feet were back to their normal size.  All I had left to deal with were badly bruised (black) toenails and some tenderness on the bottom of my feet.

Monday-Tuesday:  To not be running killed me, we were having some nice spring weather, but I held fast to the doctors orders and did not run.  I stopped icing my feet Sunday morning.

Wednesday:  Ten days post Umstead, Michele and I decided to run/walk after work.  We selected the trails around Fort Lee.  I was very excited to get running, again and had an easy 5 miles on the soft path ways in mind.  From the very first step my right knee gave me fits.  Going into Umstead I had been battling some IT Band issues on my left leg which caused some knee pain.  During the 100 miles at Umstead I never had an issue.  Come my first run back whatever was going on happened to jump over to my right leg times 10.  The first half mile was very painful, but as the run went on it became more bearable and I was able to finish up my run.  After my run Wednesday night I began an IT band stretching and rolling routine I hoped would help relieve the tightness and return me back running pain free.  On the bright side I tried a new nutrition supplement by Runners High, a Pre-race Primer.  I’ll post more about this product after a few more test runs but at first look it appears promising.

Link to a good IT Band stretching Video

Friday:  Good Friday, the day that CHANGED the world.  Having off work I decided to get in a easy 10 miles around the HOA with hope that the stretching/rolling routine would bring some relief.  Half of the run was without pain, about 5 or 6 miles in the knee came back slowly and at only a partial level as before.  I was hopeful the stretching and rolling was working.

Saturday:  Saturday morning I headed out for another easy 5 miles and the issue was back from the first step but at a much reduced level.  I ran the rest of the run in slight discomfort but was able to get in my planned run.

NOTE: At no time was my IT Band/Knee pain causing me to alter my stride or causing “sharp” pain within the knee.  With either of those I would have shut it down and sought medical opinions.

Sunday:  Happy Easter, I Believe.  Rest day but continued to roll and stretch the IT Band.


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