The Desert Runners – Ultra Marathon – Running 4 Deserts

The Desert Runners – a film

Running a marathon is a challenge, a ultra-marathon is a bit more of a challenge. Running 100 miles is an even greater challenge. Running 1000km across some of the world’s most inhospitable places and you may have uncovered the ultimate running challenge.

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Now imagine doing that not once, not twice BUT four times in one year! Desert runner follows four racers as they compete in perhaps the Ultimate Ultra-Marathon(s). Four races running in the Atacama Desert in Chile, the Gobi Desert in China, the Sahara in Egypt… and then, the final stage, a 150-mile footrace across the single most inhospitable landscape in the world: Antarctica.

More than simply a movie about four races, this documentary expertly displays the personal and Inter-personal stories of the four runners as they attempt to run the four hardest races on the face of the planet. This film dissect the story line within each race and highlights the un-defeatable human story within each one of us…

I was so gripped by the physical battle, captivated by the mental struggles and transfixed within the emotions of trying to complete this ultimate running Grand Slam. This film is very well made capturing the raw emotions of pushing your body beyond anything you have ever prepared for. The movie transports the viewer right into the race side by side with our four runners. So intense was the draw of this film that when one of the four considers dropping out, I felt a deep sense of loss in my stomach. This movie is more than just entertainment.


Desert Runners…is a must see movie for all runners.

Check out their web site at Desert Runners.

Interested in running the 4 deserts?

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