Super Bowl

My Super Bowl Prediction:

No other game, set or match is over analyzed more than the Super Bowl.  We compare and contrast the offense vs. the defense.  The passing game vs. the running game.  The cover two vs. four wide.  And finally the experts predict who they think will win the game.  By the time the game is played anyone paying attention will undoubtedly know more about the starting quarterbacks then they may know about their kids school teacher.

And so here goes…I’m going to give you my fresh approach to picking a Super Bowl winner.  And how will I do this, how will I approach this prediction from a perspective never offered before.  How will my selection be different?

Peyton Manning vs. Russell Wilson, based on my thoughts of them as a marathon runner.

First off I found no research that led me to believe either QB has run a marathon.

Reviewing Peyton’s career, he is without a doubt the finest modern QB to play the position.  His preparation is equally unmatched.  Although not having the most powerful arm, his delivery and timing are near perfect.  Standing tall in the pockets he is not considered a fast footed quarterback but has enough foot speed and agility to avoid all but the most speedy of defensive linemen.  His approach to a game is to methodically wear his opponents down and keep they off guard.

Wilson being a new comer to the professional level has made it to the Championship game in just his second season.  He has done this with pure athletic ability while overcoming being a smaller in statue QB.  His fast and light feet are matched only by his ability to quickly get out of the pocket.  Wilson makes as much magic with his legs as with his arm.  His vision down the field while on the move may be his biggest asset.  In just his rookie year he became a proven leader and a winner.

A marathon is won by a steady and consistent attack, whether you have the talents to win the race or simply to win your personal challenge.  A quick pace will get you to the podium first, if you have the overall conditioning to sustain the attack.  How does that translate to a Super Bowl Win?  Wilson did great things over the 2013 season, but his play fell off the final months of the season.  Whereas Peyton played at a high level all season long, his individual performance never seemed to waiver.  And in fact many would believe it got better.  Likewise in the marathon, it’s better to have a strong finish then a fast start.

I believe #18 Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos (a team I’m not real fond of) will win the Super Bowl.

Cleveland Browns 750

FYI, the Super Bowl has only been around since 1967.  Prior to that the NFL held the NFL Championship game.  MY Cleveland Browns won 4 NFL Championships, 1964, 1955, 1954, 1950.  The NFL has not always been the “only” professional football league.  From 1946-1949 the All-American Football Conference (AAFC) competed with the NFL.  My Cleveland Browns won all four AAFC championship games and went undefeated in 1948, 12-0.  And when the Browns entered the NFL in 1950, how did they fair you ask?  Their first game was against the NFL Champion Philadelphia Eagles.  The Browns won that game and the 1950 NFL championship.

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