Still Trying To Decide – Spring 100 or March Marathon Madness

Spring 100 or March Marathon Madness

UPDATE: I signed up for the Graveyard 100, running solo!  A spring 100 mile race is it… #epicrun2015

Planning a race calendar is a difficult task to accomplish.  There are many variables to consider, such as: family plans, available income, vacation days, work and finally de-conflicting the race dates themselves.  Last year I ran my first 100 miler at the Umstead 100 Endurance Race.  Since then I’ve wanted to run another 100.  But when?


I first considered running another 100 towards the end of 2014, for all of the above reasons, that did not workout. The remaining months of 2014 zinged by so fast and we had other events planned, family vacations, work and other races.  I could not find the time to stuff in another 100, so I set my sights on a spring 100.  Then some where along the line I came up with the idea for “March Marathon Madness.” What is this March Madness I speak of?  Four Marathons in Four Weeks and the Monument 10k.

Now I stuck between do I run the Madness or a Spring 100.  With all my other life commitments, the targeted 100 and the marathons are now conflicting?

So the question is…should I run:

The Graveyard 100 on March 7th or

The Umstead Trail Marathon, The One City Marathon, Shamrock Marathon and The Reston Marathon? (this would include running Monument Ave 10k the day before).

Other must do races are:

3rd, Brian’s Friends 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 Miler at Noland Trail



25-26th, VA 24 Hour Run for Cancer


Jun, family vacation month???

Wow, making these “adult” decisions is tough.  What would you do?

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