Seen On My Run Today – Vacation Runner, Ultra Marathon Training

Running while on vacation.

A change of scenery can do your mind and body good.  Going on vacation does not mean you have to take a vacation from fitness.  I tend to eat a little to much and I “MIGHT” have a few select beverages and sticking with my fitness routine helps fight off the vacation pounds.  Being able to stick with my running routine also introduces me to a new area and some sights that I may have missed if I decided to sleep in.

Saw on today’s run.  I did not have my camera, so these stock photos will have to do.

hot-air-balloon(Hot Air Balloon)

SandhillCraneFeb12_08_07 (2)(Saw two Sandhill Canes, they were cackling as I ran by)

2014-Dodge-Dart-A(Love the color of this car)

Monday morning we hit the sidewalks and trails, and again this morning we were out before the sun came up.  Michele got in a fast-walk 6 miles and I ran a solid 9 miles.  During this run I went by a young lady who was out smoking, she gave me a sideways look as I went by.  Kind of made me laugh.  I’m so thankful we are an active couple, I feel for anyone who may want to go out and do something physical but are limited by health issues they no control over or fitness issues because of poor decisions.  I’m so glad/thankful our health and fitness does not limit us.

hisandhers(Hers and His)

Do you run on vacation?


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