Running – What Scares You? – Ultra Marathon

They live under the bed.  They hide in the closets and in the darkest corners of our minds.

What scares you?  Clowns.  Monsters.  Jason or is it the undiscovered creature that roams the Northwest, AKA Bigfoot?

I’m often asked how do you stay motivated, how do you add some spark to your running routine?

It’s simple I run the races and race distances that scare me.

 (Medoc Mountain Trail Marathon)

Let’s say for the sake of this example that you comfortably and routinely run the half-marathon as your favorite, most frequently ran race distance.  To stay motivated, to add a little excitement to your training and race calendar, sign up for a Marathon.  Are those half-marathons ran predominately on road courses?  Then seek out and find a trail half marathon to add some spice to your calendar.  Or conversely, do you run the majority of your half’s on the trails…sign up for a road race.  By switching up the surface and terrain you’ll find a new outlook on your training and race preparation.

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Tired of the Marathon, jump up to an ultra marathon race.  There are a number of race distances above the 26.2 mile benchmark to challenge and inspire you.

If you do not want to change up the length of your races seek out locations, elevations and terrain challenges that are a bit scary.  This unknown portion of the race will help you focus your training, varying your expectations and exercise some running disciplines that you may have overlooked or forgotten about.

(JFK 50 miler)

What race, scares me?   It’s a great race, but the JFK 50 Miler scares the crap out of me.  It might be the 15+ miles leading to and including the Appalachian Trail section.  Or maybe it’s the rapid decent at the Weaverton Cliffs…or the marathon distance on the tow path.  No matter what it is this race I love and hide under the blankets at the same time.

What race scares you?

My first run at the JFK50

My second run at the JFK50 with friends

My third run at the JFK50

1 thought on “Running – What Scares You? – Ultra Marathon

  1. Linda Holmes

    The marathon scares me, so I signed up and did the VA 24 hour run for cancer, because why run a marathon when you can run an ultra. I remember the lap that I got my 26.2 miles and I saw the sign on the interstate that said VA Beach 26 miles. I told those with me, I don’t think I could every run a marathon, the ultra I was doing you could take breaks. WELL I signed up for the One City Marathon in Newport News VA for 2018! Am I scared, hell yeah! But I am going to face my fears, and hide under the covers at times! 🙂


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