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Running Has Helped My Weight Control.

Contrary to a published report on the HuffingtonPost, (Sorry but I have a hard time taking anything with the name Huffington seriously) on running and weight-loss, I do believe running is idea for weight control and in fact I offer my 5 ways running has helped me lose my unwanted pounds.


1. The Long Run. During a typical long run (15+ miles) I’ll burn anywhere between 1,500 and 2,000+ calories. I average two long runs per month. I don’t care who Huffington is…that equals weight-loss. Now you have to be smart about it…you can eat your way through your long run with just one visit to whopperland, but if you stick to a sensible diet, sensible portions and work on getting in your long runs…you will lose weight.

2. I no longer view food as entertainment. Since changing my view of myself as a runner, (Ultra-marathoner) to an athlete I now see food as a source of fuel and recovery. I need fuel to power the machine and heal the body. In the past a cup cake was a good snack…or a whole meal, today I balance what I eat to build a fuel supply for my next run/race or recovery from a hard work out. And when I’ve been a really good Ultra-runner…I sneak in a cup cake here, an Oreo there. You got to enjoy life some.

3. I eat better. Gone are the days of living off Pizza, Pop Tarts, Fritos and full strength Pepsi. Today I balance my meals for nutrient. Being a picky eater most of my life, I resisted the attempts of others to get me to try food that was “good for me.” Today the runner side of me has opened my world to a wider choice of things to eat. I’ve tried new foods, new dishes, new styles of food, just because they were a good food source for an athlete.

4. I don’t just run, I train. I hate to admit it, but I do just run…I don’t lift weights or do cross-fit or work on core. I want to, but my life style is so limited on free time that when I have “the time,” I Run. But I “train” while I run, if you run at the same pace, same distance every day, day in and day out, your body will get used to the effort your putting out and your weight loss will become stagnant. I vary my run, and my training. I run long on the weekends, and my week day runs are a mixture of speed, hills, tempo and recovery. I also vary the distances I run, 15+ on weekends, double digit at least once during the week and maybe twice if I have the time and solid 7+ miles the rest of the week. I average 5 to 6 days a week, covering 50 to 60 miles. I also vary the training pace of my run. Some days are fast, some days are slow…but normally every day I’m finishing at a pace faster than when I started.

5. The Competitive Edge. My body is no longer just a vehicle that drags me around from place to place…it is now my weapon of choice to prove I still have it. I’ve really focused over the last six months and lost 20 pounds. I feel so much lighter during my training and especially on race day. When I get on a scale it is not just to monitor my love handles, it is to check on the status of my racing machine.

Now I’m no fitness expert, I do not have a medical degree, I’m not professionally trained, I have stayed at many Holidays Inns, but I’m not a running expert.


(The Fat Face of Brian)

I can only tell you what has worked for me. And that is Running, Endurance type running has helped me maintain my weight over the last 15 years. I’ve had some up and down times over these years. I have the type of metabolism that as soon as I stop running my weight control goes out the window and my eating habits go with it. When I’m running my weight/eating habits are balanced. And over the last year of focusing on Ultra-Running…I have really noticed a difference in my weight, my eating habits and my running performance.

(The Ultra Face of Brian,
with my Honey)

It works for me!

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