Running the Grand Canyon – An ULTRA Marathon

I’ve often wondered what the first explorers thought when they came across the grand canyon.  At some point that first person had to be making their way to some innocent destination, maybe moving across the country, looking for a new homestead or trying to find some lost cattle, animals or a loved pet. Thier travels would bring them to the edge of the great cavernous landmark. That first person had to stand on the edge of the canyon wall in awe and wonder. They may have also harbored some fear.  How was this get void created and how am I going to get across it.


I’ve visited the Grand Canyon once.  In 1991 with my wife, my mother and daughter we stood on the south rim where millions had stood before us and collectively marveled at the shear wonder at the beauty of the place.  Myself, I stared in wonder of the lucky modern day explorers who choose to venture into the canyon.  I stood where millions had, but wanted to go  where only a small percentage had…into the canyon.

elevation-profile grand canyon r2r2r

When I started ultra running, I loved (and still do) reading about different races. These stories  exposed me to adventure runs, 100 mile races and races across the mountains I also learned of runners running the Grand Canyon.  This challenge spoke to me…running the Grand Canyon Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim maybe be one of the biggest challenges of my life….and this May myself and a small team of friends are going to just that.  We are going to start on the south Rim and run into the canyon to the Colorado river then proceed to the north rim.  Once there, we will trek back with a goal of completing our adventure in under 16 hours, but anything under 24 hours will be considered a win.

Is this an easy run? At approx. 48 miles with 20,000 feet of elevation change, I would say not.



DONE…we did it, check out my report on this amazing run here.


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