Running – The 10 Dumbest Things I’ve Done While Running

Not every run is perfect.  Some runs go as planned some go off the running rails as to say.  The 10 dumbest things I’ve done while running.

1.  I ran the wrong direction at the start of a 5k race.

2.  Wore a lined running suit…I got mega hot and very chaffed.

3.  Forgot to take off my reading glasses before running the Cleveland Marathon.

4.  Ignored natures call (#2) before a long run….ran 21 miles with the “clamp” on.

5.  During my 2nd run at the JFK 50 mile, I noticed a girl off the trail taking care of “business”  not sure why I did it but for some reason I said “Hi.”

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6.  Went for a run after having spicy chicken wings for dinner….got it done but it hurt.

7.  Completely jumped out of my skin, a number of times, for a snake that turned out to be a stick.

8.  Hit the wrong button on my GPS watch then tried to pace off the bike MPH data.

9.  Failed at learning the skill of a successful a snot rocket….I gave up.


The totally dumbest thing I’ve done while running.  Waited until I was 30+ to get serious about running.  I got a late start but the time was right for me.

 (My Umstead 100 mile finisher buckle)

The best thing I ever done while running was get serious about my running.

3 thoughts on “Running – The 10 Dumbest Things I’ve Done While Running

  1. Paul Starling

    The dumbest thing I did was accidentally leaving my race bib in the car before a 10k. I actually got them to hold up the race as I sprinted a quarter mile to the car and back with everyone on the start line watching me. Can you say embarrassed and winded! They started as soon as I got back.


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