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Here is another take on our race distance ovals.

carstickers(On my way to another race, stickers included)

I think we have all read post after post about how some folks, runners and non runners alike, in the world hate our race ovals. I never knew such a simple thing could kick off such a trend of disdain. In full disclosure I have and like my race ovals. I have five of them on the back of my car. My five ovals include one for 100 Miles, 100K, 50 Miles, 26.2, and 13.1 distances. I don’t place them on the rear window of my car to solely brag. Sure I like having them back there as a sense of accomplishment but I don’t place them on my car because I think running these distances makes me any better than anyone else. If anything it’s a simple form of motivation to be able to post them on the back of my car after completing the race. I never thought that this simple motivation tool would make someone upset or anyone downright angry.

After all, the litany of other bumper stickers out there and stick figures representing families does not upset me. In fact in the middle of rush hour traffic they provide something to read and a small glimpse into the life of the other drivers around me. I think it would be great if other sports/activities developed accomplishment ovals to promote reaching sport specific goals or milestones.

fish oval

Instead of focusing on disliking our race ovals wouldn’t it be great to see ovals for Bass fishermen/women. Maybe the oval could feature a big bass profile with a notation on the size of the bass. i.e. 8.2 pounds. The deer hunters could have an oval with a buck profile with the number of points for a hunters biggest kill. A 300 oval for a bowlers perfect game or a hole-in-one oval to celebrate a golfers accomplishments. These ovals would never make me angry and while stuck in traffic or on the way to the local super store it would be cool to see some of the accomplishments of the drivers around me. Channel the motivation not the hate.


One thing that does puzzle me on the back of some vehicles is the certain part of the male antimony that some monster truck owners hang from their bumpers of tow bar receivers.  Why, I ask myself? These metal projectiles are just waiting to drop free and come smashing through the grille or front windshield of my car. What are you trying to say or brag about by hanging these from your vehicles?

So let’s unite the world and ban the hanging nuts not the race ovals.

2 thoughts on “Running – Race Ovals – Marathon – Ultra-marathons and more

  1. TJ Dubs

    Thanks for the perspective. I’m a runner w/o the race stickers, and I don’t have any stickers on my car. I don’t mind them though – just not my thing. I like the idea of bass stickers!


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