Running, Blogging, Writing, and Life

Four Things I like…


Running. The repetitive task of placing one foot in front of the other has added so much to my life.  The addition is not only in terms of fitness.  I’ve added to my social (media) circle.  I feel like not only am I following people, but I’m enjoying in their lives as they grow, transform and reach new goals.

Blogging. This blog as simple as it is has allowed me to share my life and my running pursuits with more people then I ever thought possible.  I hope that I have inspired just one person, if so then it has all been worth while.

Writing.  I never thought I would enjoy the art of crafting a tale.  In high school I barley passed the required classes.  Today I find I’m drawn to expressing myself through words and paper.  I only hope that someone gets some form of enjoyment out of my works.  Oh I struggle with grammar, spelling and word choice.  I know my English teachers are loving this.

Life.  We only get one shot.  God the creator has blessed me beyond my belief  His son died for me even while I was still a sinner.  I’m blessed with a wife who treats and loves me better then I deserve.  The same God who loves me has given me two wonderful children.  Lastly my health allows me to find peace in the sport I love.  What else could I ask for?

Life is Good!

HAPPY FRIDAY...what is your Friday Favorite?

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