Running and Running for President – 2016 Presidential Elections

In this political season everyone of the candidates for president is putting on the full dog and pony show to get your vote.  Unfortunately, I believe none of the candidates is in touch with the majority of the tax paying citizens of our great country.  I further believe that their political strategy to get elected is more important to them then telling us what they can actually get done or how they intend to go about it.  For years I’ve believed their campaign agenda and actions once in office are governed by their need to be elected and re-reelected then what is actually good for the country.  The candidates have become professional politicians and not public servants. The end result of years of this Tom Foolery is that I’ve lost all faith in the system.  I’ve also lost faith in our would be “representatives.”

So how will I decide who to vote for in the upcoming presidential elections?

I will endorse the first candidate who will come out and run 100 miles with my running friends and I.  As noble as this challenge is, I’m not sure that is going to happen and here are the expected outcomes from each camp.


Hillary, will declare her acceptance of my challenge on an afternoon episode of the Ellen TV show.  In the days after her announcement she will change her platform to get in touch with the fitness crowd and this one good looking runner from North Carolina.  Come run day, I’ll be left standing alone on the starting line.  When questioned why she did not make the running date Hillary will claim she never got my e-mail.  Later the course of the investigation will prove she did in fact get the email with the classified location and sent it out to her staff over her personal cell phone.  Hillary will never admit to having any knowledge of the proposed run or acceptance of my challenge but later court records and will prove she spend 10,000 dollars of campaign money on running shoes and yoga pants.

On the other side of the isle, things I believe would go much better but yet still ineffective.


Trump, He shows 15 minutes before the posted runtime with all the hoopla of Barnum and Bailey.  Much to my surprise after the show boating and chest pumping “The Donald” does in fact begin to run with me.  Five miles into the run I quit and go home, my ears bleeding from the near constant threats to sue me if this run makes him look bad, proves he is out of shape or affects his standing with FOX news and Megan Kelley.  Days later in the mail I receive a summons to pay for the sweat stains on his cashmere running suit.

In all seriousness our nation is in a real mess.  I don’t believe a single candidate is in touch with the voters.  Do your research, pray and vote for who you feel is best qualified.  My offer to the candidate is still standing, anyone want to run with me?


Honestly, I believe I’ll be voting for Charlie Brown.

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