Runners – Racing – Oreo Cookies and Life

If you follow my running adventures, you have no doubt noticed my love affair with the wonderful black and white cookie known as the Oreo. Relationships come and go, careers change, and the years on the calendar pass.  But Oreos have always been by my side. I first remember eating an Oreo when I just a young lad and have continued the courtship ever since.  The cookie with the magically wonderful and frosty white center has seen me in good times, a reward after a long run, and in bad. There is no truth to the rumor that I once eat an entire bag of Oreos without taking a drink.


Other than being a wonderful little cookie, I was unaware of just how much an Oreo can tell others about our personality.


According to a video, Kraft (Nabisco is now a Kraft brand), surveyed over 2000 Oreo eaters and found that they are divided into three categories:

  • Dunkers tend to be energetic, adventurous, and extremely social.
  • Twisters tend to be emotional, sensitive, artistic, and trendy.
  • Biters are easy going, self-confident, and optimistic.

    More interesting facts: Women tend to be dunkers while men tend to be biters.  And, Democrats tend to twist, Republicans tend to dunk!

After being enlightened by this new information, I wondered how our Oreo cookie habits might shed some light on our running personalities. Like the I conducted my own survey and found some connections between Oreo eaters and runners.

  • Dunkers are the runners who show up to a race wearing the color coordinated tutu, kilt or rainbow colored spandex.
  • Twisters tend to be runners who show up to a race very focused, very determined to set a new PR/PB or qualify for Boston.
  • Biters are the easy going group of runners who show up more for the social event, then setting a new race record of finishing in on the podium.
  • Then there are the gulpers we they eat the cookie all at once. We They tend to show up at races for the social connection, taking the day as it comes then after the first mile is in the book…we they go for the PR/PB.
  • Lastly there are the folks like me who eat the entire bag of Oreos.  We are….. there’s no hope for us.  We sign up and run every race we can get to.


If you’re an Oreo cookie eater, be proud.  Embrace your cookie and the way you eat it.

6 thoughts on “Runners – Racing – Oreo Cookies and Life

  1. Lindsey

    Maybe there will be oreos on the Shamrock course again! I didn’t eat one last time because I was scared I would cramp up, but totally going for it this year if they’re there 🙂 Fun post!


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