Post Runner’s High Or The Long Run Afterglow, Marathon Success

Definitions for Long Run Afterglow
1. The feelings of success after a long run.
2. The senses of pain that signify the accomplishment of running a very long distance.

After a long run, normally in excess of 20 miles my entire body hurts. After a long run when I’m finally able to stop moving, have cleaned up and can sit back and recover, the Post Long Run afterglow hits. Within minutes of shutting down the running motion my entire body begins to feel the sense of accomplishment of covering a very long distance on foot. My feet are normally sore and battered they begin to remind me of every step of the journey we just took. My legs and knees remind me of the effort it took to propel my body forward for hours on end. Finally able to return to a normal workload, my lungs, chest and diaphragm are tired from cycling the air/oxygen through my body which feed my muscle as they performed. 


It hurts to run long, no doubt about it, but this pain also rewards me in the sensation of accomplishment that no other sport, activity or performance has been able to duplicate.


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