Runner – Marathon – Ultra Marathon – Sometime You Don’t Have To Run

Sometime you do not need to run.

A couple days this past week, I just did not feel like running…and that was okay considering.

I’m not a doctor, but sometimes your body needs the rest and recovery…you don’t have to run

I’m not a Psychiatrist, but sometime your mentally burned out or feel to much pressure to run…you don’t have to run.

I’m not an Olympic coach…but sometime you have nothing to prove and just want to have a day off…you don’t have to run.


Sometimes your son comes home early from sea duty and surprises you.…And you get to watch the Browns play and they WIN!  YOU don’t have to run

Browns Win

Sometimes your son in law comes thru town on his way to the desert while serving our country, has a 24 hour layover and wants to go fishing.  YOU don’t have to run.



But now it’s time to get back after it…and it’s time to #run.

What was a good reason for you to take some time off?

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