Running, Racing and Life in 2016

Running, Racing and Life in 2016

jfk502015(JFK 50, 2015)

My race at the 2015 edition of the JFK 50 in November did not go as I had hoped. Sure I finished, and placed about mid pack (380/793), but I wanted to do much better. I went into the race hoping for a sub 10 hour finish. My finishing time of 10 hours 17 minutes and 13 seconds was roughly 10 minutes slower than last year. This near miss on race day highlighted some shortcoming in my training…I knew they were their all the time, but the cold red lights on the official time clock of JFK made me face them.

(My friend Eric JFK 50 video, I’m in the first few minutes, then I fell off the pace….)

I had lost focus on my training/running. I had put on a few pounds. My training lacked any focused speed workouts and I may not have been mentally tough enough to push into the pain zone.

Well in 2016, that is not going to cut it…I have some big goals for the first half of the year.

#1 Lose ten pounds (or whatever it takes) to race at 147 – 152 pounds.

#2 Run a sub-four hour marathon at Tobacco Road Marathon on March 13.

#3 Become mentally stronger when racing.

So how am I going to do that, you ask?

There are no free riders: I’ve begun to log my entire food intake into MyFitnessPal, this accountability tool helped me two years ago when I lost nearly 20 pounds. I need to get back at it. I need to stop the slow comfortable slide into the extra few pounds I’ve picked up in 2015. Over the course of a 26.2 mile, 50k 50 miles or 100 mile race it take a lot more energy to haul those pounds around.


Get Back Some Speed:  Wednesday’s are going to be speed day for me. Now I’m not talking Usain Bolt crazy speed but I will build into each Weds training run, some intervals, speed pick-ups and Yasso 800s along the way.

bart yasso(Bart Yasso, founder of the Yasso 800s)

I will no longer race in Fear: This might be the hardest of the three. I’m going to hold myself accountable for the goal pace I set. I’ve never DNF’d but I tend to manage the pain and energy to ensure I finish even if that means I lose grip on my A goal for the race. I race with a fear of blowing up, I race with a fear of not being able to finish.


Is there part of your training that needs more focus?

2 thoughts on “Running, Racing and Life in 2016

  1. Bill Culver

    Love the fact that you’re putting these items out there. I need to be eating better, getting more quality long runs in, and I’ll be using MAF to work on my heart rate. Congrats again on finishing JFK again!

    1. Brian Burk

      Thanks Bill, easy to get off target….and nothing like a 50 miler to make you aware of that fact.

      Thanks for reading


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