Run – Start 2017 Off Right – 17 Running Ways

With each NEW YEAR we all start with good intentions, get fit, get faster, lose a few pounds, and set racing records.  For the majority of people who plan to do good in the new year, the wheels come off the bus before they get to succeed.  So how can you ensure you have a fighting chance at success in 2017?

17 ways you can stay motivated and succeed in 2017

1.  Keep a race on the calendar.

2.  Help pace someone.

3.  Read a running blog every day.

4.  Keep a running diary/running log.

5.  Buy yourself some new shoes.

6.  Reward yourself with milestone rewards “50% of goal gift” etc.

7.  Post your goals on line (Facebook, Twitter etc.)…..and talk about them all the time.  Works for me

8.  Help someone else reach their goals.

9.  Use a fitness app like Map my run, Strava or My Fitness Pal.

10.  Watch some running/fitness videos on line.

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11.  Follow some elite runners on Facebook and Twitter.

12.  Find a running group in your area, nothing like peer pressure to keep you moving.

13.  Race a distance you have never run before.

14.  Visit a running store.

15.  Read a good running book, may I suggest Running to Leadville

16.  Even of the days you don’t feel like it, log one simple mile…you might find it changes your opinion of the day.


17.   Think about all the people would give anything to be able to run, we don’t “have” to read we “get” to run.

What keeps you heading out the door when you do not feel like it?

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