Run – Run Fast and It Will Be Over Soon

Running and running fast comes with its rewards.

After our Grand Canyon Rim2Rim2Rim run, I asked Lori (our speedster and Nutritionist of the bunch) how she was able to run the canyon so fast.  Her reply uncovered a training and racing secret so simple that it often gets overlooked.

“When you run fast, the pain does not last as long…”

So simple…the faster you run, the faster you race and the shorter the time you spend in the “pain cave.”  It’s that simple…focus on running your best in training or on race day and the miles will zing by.


Have a great run…”Run it fast.”






2 thoughts on “Run – Run Fast and It Will Be Over Soon

  1. Liz G

    Yup! For my second half marathon when I was pushing myself to just get faster my mantra was “The faster you run, the faster you’re done.” It’s on my Road ID now 😉


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