We all have them.  Maybe it’s our favorite pair of running shorts, the lucky socks or our favorite color running shirt.  Rituals/Routines: “Something done in accordance with social custom or normal protocol.”  And in sports there are plenty of them to go around.  In fact most athletes, professional or otherwise have them as well.


Michael Jordan was known for a specific quirk. While leading the Chicago Bulls to six NBA championships, wore his University of North Carolina shorts under his uniform in every game.


Serena Williams believes much of her winning ways are the result of closely followed routines; including bringing her shower sandals to the court, tying her shoelaces a specific way and bouncing the ball five times before her first serve.

But what Rituals/Routines do you have when it comes to your running or racing career?  I polled a few of my running pals on Twitter and here’s what I got:

@fueledbylolz  “I always wear my lucky anchor rope bracelet, I’ve worn it to every race I’ve PRed in, I might go crazy without it.”

@britishbulldog “My pre-race meal is usually a good burger and a pint of Guinness.”

@theboringrunner “I almost always wear a red shirt when I race for PRs. Red is passion, speed, and victory.”

@socialshark “My main one is to never wear the race tee on race day.” (This one was very popular)

@carilynjohnson “I try to do the opposite of anything I think is becoming a superstition. I don’t want anything “extra” to worry about.”

@AeRoss “I put my left shoe on first, coffee 2hrs before, prayer 1min before, & donuts 20 miles in.”

@cjohnson397 “I like to arrive super early.”

@turnerj456 “I pin my race number on the night before and my race shoes are only used for racing.”

I share a lot of these, I don’t wear the race shirt before running the race, I show up to the race site way too early and my favorite color to race in is orange.  Although I don’t believe in superstitions, I do believe you should be in your comfort zone before a long run or a goal race.  And if something like this make you feel comfortable, I say grab that lucky rabbit’s foot and HOLD ON!

crawling crab2014start(The Power of Orange)

Do you share any of these common running and or racing rituals/routines, please post a comment and tell us about them.

4 thoughts on “Rituals_Routines

  1. Brenna Gimler

    I always wear a headwrap that either matches my shirt or coordinates…oh and sunglasses no matter what the weather! 🙂


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