It’s an honor when another runner asks my opinion about running events, training tactics or request information on races in my area.  It’s a double dawg honor when someone wants me to be on their PODCAST.


The most current PODCAST is with Martha Runs The World, we talked about all things running and Leadville.  Check out this awesome grassroots pods cast.

My first return engagement was with Mile High Endurance, we talked about my book 26.2 Tips to run your best MARATHON (or any race for that matter) and my experience running the Leadville Trail 100.

I met Richard Airey, while I was in Leadville.  He has great insight on the race, the community and the PBville vibe, I was honored when he asked me to be on Is the Juice worth the squeeze podcast, we talked about what went right and wrong during my run at The Leadville Trail 100.

A chat with Chris Russell of the runrunlive podcast, we talked about on training and racing a 100-mile race, how I got started on this crazy adventure and my book Running to Leadville.

kreiners-korner, where we talk about all things running, racing and life.

DizRuns.com  Before you head out on that run or long drive, download our chat and give a listen…we talk about everything running from an unlikely beginning, between the pages of Running to Leadville, preparing to suffer and flying monkeys!

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My very first PODCAST was with Mile High Endurance, On episode #61 we talked about the ultra-marathon mind set, running the Grand Canyon and the release of my book Running to Leadville.  We started the chat with the interview game of three statements, two truths and a lie, I won.  We also talked about Umstead and the Graveyard 100.  You can give it a listen here.


Next Team Shenanigans wanted to talk about making the jump from marathons to ultra-marathons, favorite race day foods and running high-jinks.   We laughed, we talked about running and we nearly cried…give this great PODCAST a listen.


Then the Ordinary Marathoner asked to talk with me about fitness, running distances greater than 26.2 miles and living a fitness lifestyle.  Scott and I enjoyed a good laugh and compared our experiences training for 100 miles races and his efforts leading up to his IRONMAN race.  We also shared our misery and love for the Cleveland Browns and his Detroit Lions.  We shared our pain and love of running, give it a listen today.


If you have a PODCAST and would like to talk about Running, Life, and Adventures drop me a line.

2 thoughts on “PODCASTS

  1. Fred Schumacher (Ultrafred)

    Brian, enjoyed meeting you at the Runner’s Expo at the JFK 50, THEN really enjoyed the book Unfinished.
    Having completed the JFK 37 times, you captured both the physical and mental aspects of America’s Oldest Ultramarathon. I do have unfinished business as my 38th finish has been elusive, injured on the AT in the 2015 JFK, then took 2 years to Think I was ready. Attempted to run it again in 2018 , but was too slow and got pulled off ( strongly suggested) at mile 25 as I was going to miss the cutoff at Antietam by over 35 minutes.


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