On Our Way To The City Of Oaks Marathon

On our way to the marathon, It all makes sense now.



I did not notice my wife doing her hair.

I did not notice my wife putting on some make up.

And her recent upgrade of her wedding ring did not pause me to think, after all our 25th anniversary was coming up.

We were on our way to run a race. My wife Michele, our son Anthony and GREAT friends Kendra and Jeff were going to run the 10k and I was going to run the Marathon. It was going to be a great day; I had dreams of a sub 4 on a rather hilly course.

Arriving at the starting corral, early as usual, I was surprised when my wife wanted to get up to the near empty starting line right away. I figured she wanted to get some pictures with the inflatable arch as a back drop. The five of us made our way to the starting line just as the race pacers broke up their team meeting. Michele slowly worked us into the center of the arch way and then she gripped my hand.

“Brian, I wanted to recommit our wedding vows with you today…are you willing?” I was stunned….and the only thing I could say was ABSOLUTELY!


With our friends as witnesses and the City of Oaks Marathon starting line as our back drop our son Anthony read our recommitment vows. He asked if I would recommit to love, honor and cherish his mother, my wife of 25 years. Anthony also asked the same of his mother. Michele said she would….all I could get out was ABSOLUTELY! As he finished he asked us to express our own recommitment to each other. I’m not normally one to be lost for words, but I was so overwhelmed that Michele had arranged such a special moment, that I stumbled over my tongue as I attempted to tell her how much I love her.

IMG_7581(Our new wedding rings…25 more years)

We then had a ring exchange ceremony where Michele gave me my new wedding ring to match her upgraded set. At the end of our recommitment ceremony, Jeff announced “you may now kiss your bride.”

A marathon race can start in no better fashion… I LOVE you Michele, more.

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