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Because of my work day commute and day light savings time… fall/winter running is done after the sun has gone down.  I’ve been running in the dark for the last few years and although I DO NOT prefer this…I continue to stick to the routine to get my training run in.  The one thing, other then a ton of miles, during this time I have learned the six survival lessons of Night Time Running.


#1 Be reflective…I wear as much light reflecting gear as I can.  I also wear a white shirt over any dark tops I may choose to go out in.

#2 Provide your own light…I carry a LED flash light or my knuckle lights in my hand so that I can ensure on coming traffic, fellow runners, wild dogs and Batman can see me coming.

#3 Run on roads you know like that back of your hand…I hate running loops over the same roads night after night like anyone else, but in the dark is no time for a new adventure, no night time trips down the yellow brick road here.

#4 Be ready to hurdle kids toys left in the road at a moments notice…my parents would have
beat my butt.

#5 Be on guard for pets who are free roaming or off their leash…Why is it pet owners can’t seem to understand that dear old “SPOT” needs to be on a leash no matter how friendly their 100 pound bulldog is. I’m a dog person, love man’s best friend but pets need to be on a leash/under control.

And most importantly…….PROTECT yourself…people just don’t understand how much damage a 4000 pound car, even moving slowly, can do to a 154 pound runner in his Nike Air Pegs.

Enjoy the run, and survive the night.

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  1. Violet Alexandre

    Running safety is an issue close to my heart. I had a scare running with my son in the running stroller where I slipped on black ice and he almost fell in an icy creek. This occurrence lead to the development of RunSafe. Thought you might be interested in trying it out,


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