My Wife Does Not Read My Running Blog, BUT You Should


The other day my wife told me she did not make it a point to regularly read my blog.  After the surpise, shock and hurt wore off I decided to ask her why?

Why my wife does not read my blog…

She proofreads the majority of my posts beforehand.

She just does not get why I (and most of my readers) enjoy 2+ hour long runs.

She does not need updates on my running life because she sees the stinky laundry pile growing larger and larger by the day.

Attends 99.9% of my races and receives a detailed mile by mile briefing on the ride home, she does not need to read about them on line.

She is well aware of my race schedule by simply reviewing our credit card statements.

She has seen enough of my monster blisters/chaffing and black toe nails to last a lifetime.

She knows which brand of shoes I’m currently wearing because I’m always talking about them.

She has heard all my running stories numerous times.

She knows when my next big race/long run is by when I ask if we can have spaghetti for dinner.

IMG_7581(She surprised me at the City of Oaks Marathon)

and…She already gives up much of her time to help support my running goals…..With that, I will always proclaim, she treats me much better than I need to be treated. I Love You Michele…more.

My wife might not read my blog regularly, but I’m sure glad you do, THANK You!

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