Muhammad Ali – The Greatest – My Thoughts

I can’t remember when I first heard of Muhammad Ali, or saw his greatest on display.

He simply always was…


Ali simply was the lighting fast heavyweight boxer, with a larger than life personality in my view of the sports world.  I remember his exchanges with Howard Cosell on ABC’s Wide World of Sports, I remember the great boxing matches, with Frazier, Foreman and Spinks.  I remember the great catches phases and comedic rhymes.  Mostly I remember a boxer who seemed for a period to outclass his competition.

Ali, in my opinion changed the sporting world.  He put on a show unmatched by any other sports in its time.  Ali gave sports a social platform.  He moved sporting matches into headline news and top billing entertainment.  The boxing world has never seen the draw like it had during Ali’s finest days, except for a brief time when Mike Tyson was on the rise.  Certainly boxing is not what it used to be when Ali ruled the squared circle.

Now we remember maybe the greatest boxer, athlete, and showman of all time on his passing.  The sports world will be a smaller, lesser place without Ali.

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