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Motivation is defined as the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. Motivation is what causes us to act,  to continue to act or to act in ways that may be new to us.

But what really compels you to move?

Is it a coach who highlights your potential, or one who declares your failures?


Is it a tangible goal, a reward, a trophy on the shelf or notch in your belt or the personal satisfaction of achieving a previous goal.

According to “There are three major components to motivation: activation, persistence, and intensity.”

For us runner these three components manifest themselves in obvious way.

Activation: The act of running, it near impossible to train for a race or a new distance goal without putting in the miles.  You have to put the time in on your feet running, moving and growing.

Persistence:  Getting out the front door once or a handful of times is normally not enough to shave minutes off a Personal Record or to add miles to our long run.  Reaching our goals as runners requires continued action to stretch ourselves over time, improve our perform and raise our potential.

Intensity:  “No pain no gain” To get faster, to run longer distances, and to achieve new goals takes a level of effort that is higher then what you have done in the past.  A runner who thinks they will get faster running the same training plan, pace or distances is only fooling themselves. To run faster, or longer…you have to train faster and longer.

As I write this post and prepare it for my Monday blog post, it’s dark (3:55 am on a Sunday morning), it’s cold (14 Dec its 28 degrees) outside and I’m sitting in my easy chair.


Comfortable, warm and happy….what will I do?

I’m going running!

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