Motivation – Become a Spartan, Run, Race, Fitness, Change Your Life

You get a sense of pride when you do great things…

WHEN you see your children do great things your heart explodes with pride and emotions.

1 year ago my daughter Jessica, by her own confession fell into the stay at home mommy fitness trap.


12 months ago Jessica was struggling with her weight, could not run a mile and was not fit.

365 days ago she took her life by the throat and said something to the effect, “This has got to change.”


But what is more important, Jessica did not just lose weight, she did not simply run a mile.

Jessica took back her life and became an athlete.  Anyone can simply lose weight…it happens everyday.

Jessica challenged her body, mind and soul to be a better person. She transformed her body into a strong, capable, and fit machine able to do more than simply moving from point A to point B. Jessica fought thru self doubt, she went to battle with fear and she defeated a world that tells you “you can’t”….Jessica became a role model for her two children, her husband, her friends and for me.


May 10, 2015 my daughter Jessica ran her first Spartan race, 12+ miles over 25 spartan obstacles and kicked its butt.


JESSICA is my Rock Star and Spartan 7467

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