Monday Motivation – Keep the Lebrons, I’ll Look Up To The Real Role Models

The world wants to lift up “the Lebrons” of the professional side of sports.  I’ve got to admit these elite athletes do some amazing things.  BUT…they don’t do it working regular nine to five jobs, while raising kids, being a military member or while on a shoe string budget.


The real heroes are those who tend to life’s everyday responsibilities and still accomplish their goals.  Those goals may be to run the Western States 100, coach a local high school team, host races which give back to charity or qualify for Boston or the Olympic trails.  Or simply to run a marathon no matter how long it takes.

These are the true inspirations.  Check out a few blogs I found inspiring last week.

Just a Mom Who Tries: a very inspiring blog by Amanda, @Momwhotris

Hampton runner a Informative blog by Eric, @hamptonrunner

Inspiring story of Overcoming, by Stephanie, @Rangemom1

Who inspires You? Let us know by posting a comment below.


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