Last Week In Review – Ultra Marathon Training

Last Week In Review: (Feb 10 – 16)

Monday: 5.5 miles
Tuesday: 50 minutes
Wednesday: 7.8 miles
Thursday: 50 minutes
Friday: 0
Saturday: 3 miles and 30 minutes
Sunday: 0

Total:   16.3 miles – YTD Total: 375.27 miles on 33 Running Days

Kind of a light week you might ask.  And you would be right, but I have a plan.   I’ve got one big race coming up (Umstead 100 miler April 5/6) and one last long training run (Graveyard 100k 8/9 March) two weeks from now supporting it.  With that heavy load in the next 30 days, I figured I would play it smart and try and taper (aka getting healed up) before beating up my body and mind.

And I had a blog post published at The Running Stories.


How has your week gone, what races are you training for?


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