Last Week In Review Jan 13 – 19

Last Week In Review: ( Jan 13 – 19)

Monday: 0
Tuesday: 7.2
Wednesday: 10.38
Thursday: 8
Friday: 7.2
Saturday: 20 #MEGSMILES
Sunday: o REST DAY

Total:  52.78 miles


Tuesday morning I read a local news story about a area runner being hit and killed by a drunk driver, this story really hit home with me.  Was it because of a vibrate life taken away?  Was it because three young children are now without their mom, and a husband without his wife?

No, it was because she was a runner, she was part of our family, a family of runners.  I never knew Meg, but I feel her loss.  #MEGSMILES  More information here:

Saturday I ran for Meg with my friends George, and Rebecca.  We ran 20 miles on Noland Trail, a ton of blue on the trail.

Be safe, Be Seen Enjoy your Run!  Run For Meg!

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