Last Week In Review: (Dec 23 – 29)

Last Week In Review: (Dec 23 – 29)

Monday 10.2
Tuesday 7.2
Weds 7.5  Christmas day, we ran around our community ringing jiggle bells.
Thursday 13.1
Friday 10.2
Saturday 12.5
Sunday 0

Christmas run 2013

Total: 60.7 miles

Nothing to special for Monday or Tuesday, except I was off work all week so I got to run in the early morning hours.  Monday temps were in the mid 60s.  Tuesday and the rest of the week low 30s.

Thursday I ran a little training run where I really only wanted 10 miles.  During the run I talked myself into running a half marathon…did not really push the pace, but noticed I ran this training run in the time I used to have as my goal race times.

Friday (cold) and Saturday both double digits days, Saturday ran some park trails with friends…nice and slow.  Was a good run.


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