Last Week In Review: (21 – 27 April) Ultra marathon Running, Racing, Training and 24 Hour Run

Last Week In Review: (21 – 27 April)

Monday: 7.3
Tuesday: 0
Wednesday: 7.2
Thursday: 5.25
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 75 Miles Virginia 24 Hour Run Against Cancer
Sunday: Rest/Recovery

Total:   94.75 miles – YTD Total: 757.74 miles on 64 Running Days

Monday –  This week was all about getting back on the horse again.  Coming off my 100 mile run at Umstead I had a few issues to work thou.  After a good rest period my plan was to get back on the road again to see if I could run my way thou them.  First run back was pretty good run, felt about 40% and managed to run a quick 7.3 miles at 59 minutes.  Slight IT Band/Knee pain to start and near the end of the run.

Wednesday:  Got in another 7.2 miles, did not plan to run fast but it felt so good once I got my legs opened up.  No idea of my time as I did not wear my GPS but it was fast.  No real IT Band/Knee pain.

Thursday:  Went for an easy 5 miles with members of our HOA run/walk club.  Best of all no IT Band/Knee Pain.

Continued with the IT band rolling and stretching

Saturday:  April here in the 757 running world is all about the Virginia 24 Hour For Cancer.  This is a great race the continues to draw runners from all over the local area and this year, as far away as New Mexico.  Birthed from a Relay for Life event this race also donates tens of thousands of dollars each year to the American Cancer Society (over $15,000 this year.)


This event is the one that got me into the Ultra Running world.  I’ve run this race four years prior (My Results: 52.5, 50, 75, 71).  This year three short week from my first 100 miler, I was ready to run it again.  Going in I had no real plan, had not tapered and did not properly carb load.   What could go wrong?  Full race report will be up in a few days.

This year would be our Second year entering as a team Run4Life, we won the team event last year.  This year many new PRs and a Course Record (126 miles) and Overall Champion!  CONGRATS Steve Spiers!  Full details will also be posted in the next days.



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