Last Week In Review (19 – 25 May) Ultra Marathon Running Racing Training and Life

Last Week In Review: (19 – 25 May)

Monday: 10.20 miles (Fast Time for 10 Miles)
Tuesday: 7.54 miles
Wednesday: 10.25 miles @
Thursday: 6.6 Miles
Friday: 0
Saturday: 50 Minutes on elliptical
Sunday: 0 Recovery & Taper time

Total:   34.59 miles – YTD Total: 885.63 miles on 77 Running Days

Running Thought of The Week:  The Trails Are Always Open..


Monday:  Great run.  I had no real goal when I first went out other then to run in my new Hokas Stinsons.  Started the run on the conservative side,.  Midway thru, powered by @runnershighntr, I felt pretty good and turned on during the second five miles.  Finishing up, I ran my fastest ten miles (either in a race or training) ever at 1hr 22min 25sec.  The Hokas provided a cushioned ride with a fit that rivaled my Nike Air Pegasus.

Tuesday:  After my ten mile run Monday night, my only real objective was to log a few miles.  Michele and I stayed on Fort Lee where I ran The Peterborough National Battlefield Trails repeating a hilly section twice.  Although my legs were a bit tired it was a very pleasant run.

Wednesday:  Another double digit run around the HOA.  Nothing great and nothing bad.

Thursday:  Last planned run before Windermere Marathon.  My legs felt sluggish and some tenderness in my left ankle provided the motivation to shut down the training early.

tapertime(Marathon Taper Time with my Grandson Aiden)

Saturday/Sunday:  50 minutes on the elliptical, I hate being stuck inside but very thankful I have an alternative when I can’t run or when it’s better that I don’t run.  Good workout and no tenderness.  

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