Last Week In Review: (17 – 23 March) – Back on the Road Again, Ultra Marathon Training

Last Week In Review: (Feb 10 – 16 March)

Monday: 10.2
Tuesday: 7
Wednesday: 10.2
Thursday: 0 – Run Club Meeting
Friday: 0 – Rest
Saturday: 11.5 Miles
Sunday: 11.5 Miles

Total:   50.4 miles – YTD Total: 521.27 miles on 43 Running Days

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday:  After a pretty slow week recovering from the Graveyard 100k, it was nice to get back on the road again.  Always reassuring to put some solid miles on my legs to restore some confidence that they still work after some extended RandR.  I truly believe wearing the BioSkin compression sleeves and CS-X Compression tights speed up recovery and healing after such a long run.

Thursday:  Run Club Meeting, I the president of a small Run/Walk club in our housing area.  I’ve gained so much inspiration from other runners that I enjoy giving back in a small way.

Friday:  Headed out for our first camping trip of the year.  Going to a local state park that offers miles/miles of trails.


Saturday/Sunday:  11.5 miles each day, I run the majority of my training on streets it’s always nice to get out on the trails.  Saturday my wife rode her bike along with me and Sunday she walked and I ran, we call it our Rualk time.  Also got a big boost to my twitter Ego, Dean Karnazes followed me!


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