Last Week In Review: (12 – 19 May) Ultra Running, Training and Racing

Last Week In Review: (12 – 18 May)

Monday: 10.20 Miles
Tuesday: 7.22 miles @ 8:23
Wednesday: 10 miles @ 8:36
Thursday: 5.34 Miles
Friday: 0
Saturday: 20.65 Miles (3hr 12m 01s) @ 9:18
Sunday: 0 Rest day

Total:   53.41 miles – YTD Total: 851.04 miles on 73 Running Days

Running Thought of The Week:  


Monday: 10. 2 Miles around the HOA. Felt good to get in another double digit run.  Been battling some minor aches and pains, but nothing to bad.  The heat is on around the 757, starting temp was 90f.  Even with hot weather running in full effect, and without my GPS this was a solid run with good tempo.  Happy Day!

Tuesday:  7.22 Miles, uneventful and still pretty warm.

Wednesday:  10 miles (again) around the HOA.  The hot and muggy temps broke providing a much cooler run.  Managed a 8:32 pace and felt strong.  Loved it!

hoka stinson

Thursday:  5.34 Miles after local Run/Walk club meeting.  First run in my new Hoka Stinsons.  The ride felt great, cushioned and stable.  I plan to break these in slow and add them as my primary shoe for long runs.


Saturday:  20.65 miles in 3hrs 12mins 01 secs.  Great morning temps of 58f to start off.  Ran two “big” laps at the Noland Trail.  This is the same loop we ran during my 50 mile training run for Umstead.  Tim S. one of the runners who ran a few laps with me in January teamed up with me again.  Great run with some great conversations.  Funny how although I’ve only run with Tim twice, we share so much in common.  Ultra Runners are a special breed.  We all have a story.

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